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Intelligent, cloud based video surveillance solution

With advanced AI/ML capabilities


Broadsecure is an intelligent end-to-end cloud based video surveillance solution that utilises advanced AI/ML technology to detect and identify a wealth of objects and movements through processing live video footage imagery and data collection features for analysis. With our AI Edge Compute capabilities, only necessary data is processed through the cloud, requiring lower bandwidth and reducing the possibility of data breaches.

Broadsecure provides users with comprehensive surveillance over their environment and has the ability to detect and track people and objects accurately. Broadsecure can also differentiate between individuals and objects, recognise faces, identify suspicious behaviour, analyse patterns around people flow and movements, detect abnormal activities and raise alerts to security personnel. Our solution’s capabilities can also improve and bolster the user’s workplace safety, access control, visitor management, employee attendance, and contractor compliance.

What makes us different

Broadsecure is an intelligent, cloud based video surveillance solution with advanced AI/ML capabilities that can detect and identify objects and movements with extremely high levels of accuracy.

Our cutting-edge intelligent detection directional pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities elevate real-time camera monitoring to new heights.

Our solution can be integrated with existing IP cameras already on site, meaning existing cameras do not need to be replaced to use Broadsecure.

ONVIF compliant and ISO27001 certified, our system enables seamless remote management, allowing you to adjust camera zoom, focus, and more from anywhere, while keeping your data safe.

Single Dashboard with Floor Map

Broadsecure provides seamless monitoring and surveillance with our single dashboard featuring an intuitive floor map interface: easily navigate and visualise all camera locations within your premises with just a click.

Our solution integrates with existing cameras, providing hassle-free access to live video feeds for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Streaming backup to cloud

Our backup feature stores your surveillance footage in the cloud, reducing the changes of data loss. With our AI Edge Compute capabilities, only necessary data is processed through the cloud, requiring lower bandwidth and reducing the possibility of data breaches.

With flexible storage durations: 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 days (custom), your footage remains secure and accessible whenever you need it.

Face Search with integration into AD

Unlock powerful insights with our Face Search feature, seamlessly integrated into your Active Directory (AD) system. Access a comprehensive library of detected faces, select individuals and view detailed logs of their appearances across footage.

Enhance security protocols and streamline investigations with precise tracking of personnel movements, empowering you to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Identify only people of interest

Prioritise privacy while maintaining security. Identify only people of interest with a ‘no biometric data saving’ enabling option. With this option enabled, our system focuses solely on detecting and recognizing individuals on your watch list, without compromising the privacy of others.

By preventing the storage of biometric data for unidentified individuals, you can confidently safeguard sensitive information while maintaining a secure environment.

Allow motion search

Broadsecure’s motion search feature enhances streamline monitoring efforts by filtering footage by type of motion. Seamlessly navigate through a library of motions within specific areas of interest in the video stream.

Set alerts to trigger notifications for any detected activity within designated zones, ensuring timely response to potential security threats.

Workplace Safety

PPE monitoring, detection and identification

Identifies PPE items, like safety headgear, glass­es, and vests. Monitors whether workers are properly wearing PPE while on site, and restricts workers from entering job sites if all the safety wear required is not detected.

Broadsecure also utilises real-time electronic RFID tags. Its unique identification feature can identify workers who do or do not comply with PPE standards, increasing the implementation of site safety monitoring around exclusion zones and machinery safe distancing.

Person down detection and alerting

Broadsecure uses machine perception and video analytics to detect a single person or people who have fallen or slipped, and triggers instant alerts to authorised personnel so they can take immediate action.


Reports on trip and fall detection

With the use of man-down alerting, Broadsecure keeps a record of areas that have repeated trips and fall incidents, giving users an accurate record of accident occurrences (if they are not reported by workers).

Detect workplace incidents before they happen

Detect potential workplace incidents between workers and moving vehicles. Reduce the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collisions in busy workspaces by determining safe distances between workers and moving machinery/equipment with exclusion zones.

This involves the installation of strategically placed blind-spot detection and driver monitoring cameras onto vehicles to give drivers real-time warnings of hazardous collision risks, such as other objects or people who are close by.

Exclusion zone monitoring and detection

Keep unauthorised personnel safe and distant from caution zones by creating virtual boundaries/GEO fencing and receiving boundary intrusion alerts. Our algorithms in the cameras allows users to create a virtual safety and exclusion zone radius around potentially dangerous machinery, monitor these areas and receive real-time alerts when an unauthorised worker or other vehicles enters the exclusion zone, indicating that they are too close and may be in the way of danger.

Smart Security. Where ever you need it.

Broadsecure can be utilised across a range of industries
Agriculture and Farming
Retail and Food
Corporate workplaces
Transport and Logistics
Oil, Mining and Gas
Education sector
Industrial and Manufacturing
Ocean and Marine
Healthcare & Aged Care
Parks and Wildlife

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