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Intelligent noise and vibration detection with safety and security monitoring and alerting

Greenmesh is a complete end-to-end IoT solution designed for heavy machinery industries that have a requirement for intelligent noise monitoring and image classification/identification using intelligent AI and machine learning. Greenmesh can provide safety on worksites, as well as provide early warning and detection of accidents before they happen. Additionally, Greenmesh can help companies comply with industry health and safety standards, while monitoring work habits to gain intelligent insights, which allow for the automation of tedious tasks and attain workplace efficiencies.

Keep your workers safe from occupational accidents in the work area.

Add a new level of visibility and intelligent alerting systems into the work environment which keeps everyone moving and working safely.
Workplace incidents and collision detection

Involves the installation of strategically placed blind spot detection and driver monitoring cameras onto vehicles to give drivers real time warnings of hazardous collision risks such as other objects or people who are close by

Pedestrian vehicle/machinery accident  detection

Detects when a moving person and vehicle are in a potential path of collision, and advises of smart precautions to regulate safer walking path practices and improves awareness while creating a fluid traffic environment.

Workplace machinery exclusion zone monitoring and Detection and machinery/vehicle safe distance

Our algorithms in the cameras deployed can also create machinery zoning features such as which allows users to create a virtual safety and exclusion zone radius around potentially dangerous machinery, monitor these areas and will send out real time alerts when an unauthorised worker or other vehicles enters the exclusion zone, indicating that they are too close and may be in the way of danger.


Man down detection and alerting

Uses machine perception and video analytics to detect people who have fallen or slipped, and triggers instant alerts to authorised personnel so they can take immediate action.

Comply to industry building standards with ease

Get the assistance you need to comply with law standards which prioritise workers health, emissions reduction and decarbonising operation
Intelligent noise monitoring, identification and vibration monitoring and alerting

Monitors the sites’ noise and vibration performance in real time, has the ability to set thresholds based on compliance limits and triggers immediate alerts to prevent regulatory thresholds from being breached

Air quality and hazardous gases detection and alerting

Monitors the air quality and air composition in the environment (outdoor or underground) for gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, and automatically alerts control rooms of any abnormalities in the air

Wind monitoring

measures the speed of wind which may affect outdoor working conditions and can assist in avoiding wind tunnels that may be created during excavation


Temperature monitoring

Makes sure construction work conditions comply with agreed parameters – like restrictions for employees to work when the temperature exceeds past an agreed safe working point, or awareness of delays caused by inclement weather.




Export records to make educated decisions towards mitigation plans to reduce the impact of noise, vibration and air pollution during all phases of construction as well as protecting the surrounding neighbours by preventing occupational noise induced hearing loss and air pollution illnesses.

Safety wear first

PPE monitoring, detection and identification

Identifies PPE items as safety headgear, glass­es, and vests, monitors whether workers are properly wearing PPE wear while on site and restricts workers from entering job sites if all the safety wear required is not detected.

Greenmesh also utilises real time electronic RFID tags with it’s unique identification feature that can identify workers who do or do not comply with PPE standards, increasing the implementation of site safety monitoring around exclusion zones and ma­chinery safe distancing.

Secure your worksite

Theft creates problems in daily operation and impacts the productivity of the organisations.

However, standard still video surveillance cameras are not sufficient enough to mitigate the asset theft issue as they may not have a 360 degrees view coverage, creating blind spots.


Real time camera surveillance

Greenmesh’s Real time camera surveillance with intelligent detection, directional pan, tilt and zoom capabilities provides 360 degrees coverage as it will automatically rotate its view when anything suspicious is detected and alert person


Electronic Asset Tracking

Our electronic Asset tracking devices will track assets in real time and have the ability to monitor the usage statistics of vehicles. These features provide companies with real-time visibility of their assets throughout the day which avoids equipment loss, theft and ghost assets as well as automating regular machinery maintenance.

Greenmesh can be utilised in many industries

Heavy Machinery
Supermarkets and Retail
Transport and Railway

Courier and Logistics

Earth Moving
Cold Storage and Logistics

Warehouse and Factories
Ocean and Marine
Healthcare and Aged Care

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