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Vehicle counting and identification

Make decisions with vehicle data

It is important to understand how roads, vehicles and parking spaces are used, to determine traffic levels and directional flows and understand how the community uses these expensive assets. The cost of road congestion is expected to reach $38.8 billion per annum across Australia’s largest cities. Integrating IoT with a wide range of smart cameras to provide real-time traffic information provides data to make informed decisions on pick-up and drop-off zones, taxi management, buses and parking spaces.

Using IoT you can address the rising demands on public transportation, with 1 in 8 Australians everyday using one form of public transport for their regular commute. Adopt IoT to increase the efficiency of public transport and reduce disruption by determining high traffic areas and making informed decisions. Use vehicle counting and identification to help understand what is happening on your roads.

Vehicle counting for every type of journey

365mesh vehicle counting capabilities can differentiate between vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles. Surveillance cameras record footage at your key locations, to provide insights such as the direction of traffic for long-term view of your roads. See information about road and vehicle utilisation, from main roads to remote access roads in the palm of your hand. Here are some scenarios where vehicle counting can provide valuable information.

Buses and coaches

  • Facial recognition, with over 90% accuracy, to send alerts if a blacklisted or passenger of interest boards
  • Passenger counting to determine how many passengers board and exit the bus or coach
  • Identify the exact number of passengers at each stop
  • Integrate with bus telematics and display for use by maintenance and mechanic teams
  • Real-time detection of customer actions

Taxi Management

  • Measuring taxi rank patronage, average wait times and instances where passengers wait but no taxi is available
  • Tracking the number of taxis passing through a taxi rank and how long they wait for a fare.
  • Live-stream footage and screenshot images of taxi ranks to investigate spikes or unusual events directly from the application
  • Monitoring the behaviour of passengers and multiple types of vehicles at taxi ranks

Pick up and drop-off location monitoring:

  • Monitor the number of waiting passengers and average wait time.
  • Number of passengers over the last hour
  • Parking bay capacity at each location in real time
  • Vehicle stay time, including overstays and instances of double parking

Keep roads smooth with 365mesh

Use 365mesh to integrate IoT into your roads and vehicles to provide the public with a safer and smoother transit. Access real-time information about how people use your roads and vehicles to make changes or enforce regulations. All features include interactive graphs to view historical data and road user habits to make more informed decisions to result in minimal disruption to community enjoyment. Use 365mesh IoT to understand what is happening on your roads and make informed decisions for your community.

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