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Utilities monitoring

Turn the tide: reduce your utility usage

Inefficient utility usage unnecessarily raises costs and increases your environmental impact. Responsible water and energy consumption has direct impacts on the environment and is an increasingly important issue. Get to know how your business complies with government energy efficiency programs.

Using the Internet of Things, your company can track water and electricity consumption in real-time and measure utility consumption trends. This makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact and costs.

Watt 365mesh can tell you?

365mesh provides a summary of your overall consumption of water and energy per day, per week (to date), per month (to date), and per year (to date) in a neat dashboard. Data is also available for each individual appliance and circuit. The historical data on the Circuits History and Consumptions History graphs can keep track of your business’ cost and usage trends. Adapt your utilities consumption to create sustainable business practices and reduce your costs.

Interested in other ways to reduce waste?

Woman reading the water meter. Household water consumption, conc

Got an idea?

Do you have a vision for an IoT solution that revolutionises your business?

365mesh team members can help with the end to end process including from design inception to completion. Using our experts and experience, we can rapidly and cost effectively develop and deploy platforms, sensors and applications designed just for you and your business.

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