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People counting and identification

Maximise safety at your locations

People counting provides a better understanding of how customers and employees use your spaces and facilities. In a retail space, cash register data and manual people counting does not provide a holistic view of who enters your space and how they engage with your facilities. In an office or campus environment, people counting information is valuable for understanding space utilisation on over time, on a large scale.

Alternatively, in more industrial spaces, people counting and trespass alerts ensure safety and prevent theft. Facial recognition protects the safety and security of your workspaces and stakeholders, and can be used to uncover criminals or find missing patrons.

Count on 365mesh

Use 365mesh to identify the number of people passing through different areas of your business by integrating footage captured by surveillance cameras with our IoT framework. Our analytics capabilities transform this data into easily accessible insights in the user application. Historical data is collected for a convenient graph to compare foot traffic in each location over periods of time.

AI-powered insights

Optimise your use of indoor and outdoor spaces to better manage customer and employee experiences by getting to know when people are using your facilities. Understand how you can adapt your spaces to accommodate for changes by industry. Make decisions about how to utilise resources and facilities most efficiently by counting the number of people in your spaces over the last hour and week. Using artificial intelligence provides facial recognition with over 90% accuracy. 356mesh can provide alerts when whitelisted or blacklisted people enter your spaces.

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