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Cold rooms and freezers

Keep cool in the kitchen

Issues with cold rooms and freezers affect more than just stock preservation. Whether it be a restaurant, workplace, or a hospital, keeping stock is cool is essential to stakeholder satisfaction and maintaining your company’s reputation.

Safety is of utmost importance and a refrigeration fault results in unsafe food or spoilt medication. Improper temperature regulation runs the risk of non-compliance with health and safety regulations, creating the unnecessary risks of closure or customer harm.

Connect to IoT with 365mesh

Any fridge, freezer or cold room can be connected to the Internet of Things. Our cold room and freezer solutions are the optimal compliance tool to facilitate audits for restaurants and food preparation facilities. Real time and historical data provide accurate and timely records for food, medicine, and other cold storage compliance measures. The 365mesh dashboard information can be used to limit the guesswork of manual and inaccurate data collection, creating a smoother audit for restaurants and food preparation facilities. 

Maintain compliance and auditability

Restaurants and food preparation facilities must adhere to strict food safety guidelines including ensuring refrigerators remain at or below a temperature of 5°C and frozen food is kept at or below -15°C.

Using the Internet of Things, your business can ensure food safety and detect whether each cold room and freezer is safe or at risk. 365mesh makes it possible to monitor each of your cold rooms and freezers in a glance, allowing your business to focus more on other areas.

Kick back with our real-time sensors

365mesh provides a complete IoT solution for cold rooms and freezers. Our analytics engine transforms data and provides a logbook that can be accessed via web browser. Installing devices such as our Kic2 sensor provides temperature monitoring capabilities that provide real-time data on temperature and humidity remotely. 

Got an idea?

Do you have a vision for an IoT solution that revolutionises your business?

365mesh team members can help with the end to end process including from design inception to completion. Using our experts and experience, we can rapidly and cost effectively develop and deploy platforms, sensors and applications designed just for you and your business.

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