Project: Global fast-food chain - 365mesh

Global fast-food chain

Rethinking sensor and monitoring capabilities for franchises across the world

A global fast-food chain engaged Outcomex (parent company of 365mesh) expertise to design and deploy IoT technology across their franchises to improve their operations and customer experience levels. Due to the chain’s vast size with franchises across the globe, a number of crucial factors needed to be taken into consideration, like ensuring the IoT sensors were cost-effective, scalable, and future-proofed. Additionally, the sensors needed to be able to transmit data through appliances and concrete without experiencing any connectivity or network issues. Outcomex was also required to enable services to streamline the onboarding, integration and security of these sensors. 

The solution Outcomex provided ensured that the client had access to real-time data derived from our IoT sensors, along with alerting functionality to send automatic alerts to the client if the monitored areas/functions operated abnormally, allowing for timely responses. These insights allow the fast-food chain to make data-driven decisions and allow them to use invaluable historical data to make better future operational decisons. 


Founded in 1940, the multinational fast-food chain has 40,000 restaurants globally and serve approximately 68 million customers each day. Their revenues are derived from a number of factors, like sales, rent, royalties and franchisee fees, and they are considered one of the top five private employers with over 1.7 million employees. This innovative fast-food chain is constantly looking at ways in which it can improve their franchises, and services, in terms of food hygiene, prep and serving, and customer service and experience.


The fast-food chain was seeking a way to implement IoT technology across their business that would allow them to gain a better understanding of their business operations and ways in which functions and output could be improved.  

The family-friendly fast-food restaurant wanted to specifically monitor their CO2 output, energy consumption, air quality, and temperature within their cold room and freezers, including being able to streamline operational areas.


Outcomex deployed a variety of IoT sensors, including 365mesh modules, to solve for the fast-food chain’s requirements. Additionally, we enabled FoodDeck – a centralised platform for the management and control of IoT sensors, designed specifically for the food industry. This entire solution made it possible for us to meet the many use cases and monitoring requirements that the global fast-food chain wanted. 

To gather the necessary data required to make real-time decisions and fulfil particular use cases, the fast-food chain needed specific sensors designed and manufactured that were fit for purpose.

Outcomex utlised 365mesh‘s modules to fulfil the restaurant’s requirements. These modules also allowed us to deploy a solution for temperature monitoring which allowed data derived from our sensors to cross the fast-food chain’s walk-in fridges’ concrete walls and across several floors to reach FoodDeck’s platform, giving the fast-food chain the ability to receive real-time alerts from their freezers and cold rooms, enabling them to act quickly if the temperature increases above optimal temperatures. This also ensures that food adheres to food safety guidelines and that it is safe for consumption. In addition, it acts as the optimal compliance tool facilitating necessary restaurant and food preparation audits. 

Through our energy monitoring sensors, we were able to provide the fast-food chain with indepth data collected from the sensors, allowing them to track energy consumption and see which areas were using more energy and during what times. By giving them access to their sensors historical data means that they are able to track trends and patterns per circuit, during and after business hours, providing a basis in which to make data-driven decisions. Through the FoodDeck dashboard, the client can view a summary, consolidating overall electricity consumption per day, week, month and year, and make informed decisions based on the data they receive. 

Additionally, the client was able to receive real-time bin capacity data to help with the efficient management of waste through the use of our IoT sensors placed on bins allowing the fast-food chain to maintain high levels of hygiene, meeting health and safety policies. Efficiently handling waste is an essential part of a mature and successful restaurant or food preparation facility, so understanding when there are high levels of waste helps the client increase cleaning staff and thus, the hygiene of the general franchise.  

Wanting to improve on staff and guest safety, the restaurant requested installation of our video surveillance cameras. This allows the client to monitor the premise and maintain patron and employee safety and satisfaction. Footage received from the security cameras gives the fast-food chain the ability to monitor incidents, assess patron experiences and monitor safety hazards, making for a safer environment for both staff and customers, and also improving customer experience.  

To enhance patron experience and improve customer satisfaction, we provided the fast-food chain with valuable insights into basic environmental information, such as temperature, noise and air quality. The FoodDeck dashboard gives them a user-friendly platform where they have access to real-time information, like current Air Quality Index (AQI) rating, and temperature, relative humidity reading, carbon dioxide, noise level and additional sensor information. Creating an environment where all of the above is taken into consideration means that the restaurant is focused on creating a climate where customers and staff feel comfortable.  

Additionally, we installed IoT sensors throughout the premise to specifically provide insight into how patrons utilise restaurant spaces, allowing the client to monitor specific zones – like takeaway and dine-in sections. The ability to setup specific zone monitoring means that the fast-food chain can then look at ways to improve these areas (i.e. see when peak times are and when to increase staff or cleaning at certain times). Data is available in real-time through the FoodDeck dashboard, and historical data is also available to further analyse and identify trends.


Together with custom IoT sensors, 365mesh modules and FoodDeck platform, Outcomex made it possible for one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains to monitor cold room temperatures, report on energy consumption, efficiently manage waste, maintain customer and employee safety through video surveillance, enable environment monitoring and gather insights on occupancy. The number of use cases continues to increase exponentially for the client as they discover the numerous possibilities that arise through the implementation of our IoT technology.  

This solution allows the fast-food chain to improve its services and increase its hygiene practice, all while elevating customer experience levels. Additionally, operational services are enhanced, work areas are monitored more effectively, increasing safety and improving transitional areas and food-prep hygiene.  

The client will continue to reap the benefits of the data collected and continue to improve its services and functions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities enabled with 365mesh will create an additional layer of information, informing key decisions and even instigate new value propositions. All the data collected is owned exclusively by the client and utilised for historical reference to track trends and patterns.  

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