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Transport and logistics

An increasingly competitive landscape

IoT is fast changing the way in which the logistics and transport industry operates. With enhancements in security and surveillance, improvement in supply chain management, streamlining of operations, equipment and inventory optimisation, this industry has become fast adaptor in technology use and utilising IoT and its data to make smarter business decisions.

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Vehicle Counting and Identification

Monitor and manage frequent routes during on and off peak times to create traffic flow solutions for vehicles and pedestrians.
Monitor the number of passengers waiting for, boarding or currently on public transport and detect blacklisted or people of interest.
Determine road utilisation by differentiating between vehicle types and license recognition for parking hours.

365mesh vehicle counting capabilities can differentiate between vehicles including cars, buses, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles. Surveillance cameras record footage at your key locations, to provide insights such as the direction of traffic for long-term view of your roads. See information about road and vehicle utilisation, from main roads to remote access roads in the palm of your hand. Here are some scenarios where vehicle counting can provide valuable information.

Parking Occupancy

Gain visibility on occupancy rates and how parking spaces are being used in public or private parking. Track, manage, and get real-time parking availability on individual car parking spots.

Monitoring vehicles that overstay their parking limits as well as monitoring carshare facilities can be a challenge. Use the vehicle occupancy monitoring feature to gain information on parking occupancy rates, which allows users such as councils and transport organisations to adjust parking times to get optimal use from the parking spaces.

Receiving alerts when vehicles have stayed beyond the parking limit will also help enforce parking limits and encourage parking turnover. As car share becomes a more popular means of transport in population-dense areas, knowing how often shared cars are being used will help users decide whether to remove, add or move car share parking locations for better facility utilisation.


Increase cybersecurity of logistics and operations using AI and machine learning. The threat landscape can be monitored in real-time and provide proactive solutions if cyberthreats are detected. With sensors you’ll be able to monitor your product from the warehouse straight to the customer’s doorstep. You can track in real-time the location of your vehicles, delivery statuses, and the time needed to complete the process. With this information, you can then create a schedule if more drivers are needed based on the number of items that are to be delivered (Products out for delivery can be tracked with RFID markers.)

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