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Air Quality, Health, Safety & Security

Protecting your space, ensuring your peace. Clean, safe, secure.

According to a 2024 report published by Bmj, Australia has witnessed a threefold increase in the use of alternative nicotine delivery systems (ANDS), such as vapes and e-cigarettes. Additionally, a Reuters study shows how indoor vaping results in the accumulation of large amounts of particle matter on surfaces and products, that, just like traditional cigarettes, pose health risks through exposure.

The Aether sensor delivers not only a solution for landlords to ensure a smoke-free property but resolves a range of other challenges when it comes to managing assets. From identifying disruptive noise during quiet hours and managing overcrowding to minimizing neighbour complaints and streamlining guest dispute resolution.

The solutions below can be used by our eco-system partners as a white labelled solution. Visit our Partner Program page to learn more.

100% compliant with privacy legislations for security devices
permitted in rentals and homestays

Does not record
any audio or video

Matches audio characteristics against our library of audible objects

Identifies noises such as glass windows breaking, gun shots, running water, etc

Sends real-time alerts
so you can act promptly

All features can be
enabled / disabled selectively

Utilises Machine Learning technology to reduce the number of false alarms

Our AI/ML technology ensures the exceptional accuracy of our sensors. Our patent-pending algorithms ensure that your home benefits from cutting-edge technology unparalleled in the market.

Sense air quality and atmospheric contaminants

Identify gas signatures for vaping, THC smoking, tobacco smoke, methane and other fumes.

Identify and measure harmful airborne particles and gases (i.e. CO2, VOC, Silica dust).

All while remaining secure against physical and digital exploits.

Understand the occupancy of the property

Uses AI/ML motion, sound and light detection capabilities to count people entering and exiting the property, making it possible to identify activities that may indicate prohibited behaviour on the property, such as excessive parties, overcrowding, or unauthorized pets.

Set customisable thresholds for when to receive notifications of rule violation.

Sense audible indicators of damage, distress and aggression

Uses AI/ML noise detection technology to detect and differentiate alarming audio such as glass windows breaking, gun shots, screaming, etc.

Receive alerts and notifications for a prompt action on your property safety.

Sense and report ambient temperature, humidity, pressure

Measures and monitors the spaces temperature, relative humidity, VOC, NOx, PM1, 2.5, 4, 10, and alerts when readings exceed a certain range.

Device is actively ventilated with a built-in fan.

Detect drug usage or manufacturing

Monitor air quality in real-time to detect hazardous gases commonly used in illegal drug use and manufacturing.

Receive alerts and act immediately if your home has been exposed to toxic chemicals or other gases.

The all-in-one security device

Our Aether Sensor is a purpose-built sensor to aid landlords and owners to increase the security and
safety of those in their properties that works together with our user-friendly dashboards and customizable alerts and notifications.

Our solution has been developed in Australia and New Zealand, with manufacturing facilities in
New Zealand and our team of engineers providing installation and support services nationally.

Detect. Analyse. Automate.

Counts and keeps track of people inside the property at certain times

Download incident detailed reports required for disputes

Identifies gas signatures and differentiates types of smoke

Define which type of notifications to get on the dashboard

Customise criteria and adjust parameters to your house rules

Anti-tamper backup battery to deter intentional tampering

Detects and differentiates alarming audio such as window glass breaking

Save water by detecting water leakages from water audio extracted

Monitor temperature, noise levels, air quality and light brightness

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