Introducing our new brand: 365mesh

Introducing our new brand: 365mesh


365mesh launch their new brand after over 5 years of developing IoT solutions for the Australian market.

The 365mesh platform has officially launched in the Australian market, after over 5 years of IoT innovation by Outcomex. Australian owned and operated, award-winning company Outcomex has over 3 decades of experience in networking technologies and security.

Our Australian team of approximately 100 employees, including 50 engineers, provides installation and support services nationally. The 365mesh platform enters the market with a wealth of customer experience, specifically in the agriculture, smart cities and transportation spaces.

Addressing IoT challenges

The Outcomex team identified a challenge facing Australian and global companies who are looking to adopt IoT technology. Some vendors only offer one or two components of an IoT capability. While companies can get started without a complete IoT solution, they soon encounter scalability challenges.

The 365mesh and Outcomex team offer end-to-end IoT solutions, including sensors and devices, networking and connectivity, data processing, and user applications.

According to Marco Delgado, founder and CEO of Outcomex:

“365mesh is a secure, fully inclusive, intelligent IoT platform that solves some of the world’s greatest problems at scale.”

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The 365mesh platform

Our technology experts bring unique experience to IoT deployments. As networking specialists, they’re equipped for establishing connectivity even in remote and inhospitable environments. For example, we’ve deployed sensors and established connectivity, withstanding freezing temperatures.

The 365mesh platform continues to evolve, as Luca Palermo, IoT Technical Lead for Outcomex, explains:

“365mesh is a protocol independent platform, meaning any data source – cameras, sensors, vehicles – can be ingested into our AI / ML analytics engine and produce meaningful insights. It constantly “learns” by the data collected and it becomes more accurate over time.”

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In addition to extensive capabilities in IoT deployment, centred around the 365mesh platform, Outcomex has developed white-labelled solutions for industry. All collected data undergoes analysis using our AI-powered analytics engine and is available in real time, as well as historically for use by our customers.

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