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Australia’s most secure enterprise IoT network

Digital insights into almost everything with 100% global connected coverage!

The 365mesh platform is the foundation of any end-to-end IoT solution. Don’t settle for an incomplete IoT deployment – start your IoT journey with 365mesh to unlock a full suite of capability:

  • Sensors and devices
  • Network and connectivity
  • Data processing
  • Application
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365mesh IoT services

Outcomex, the parent company of 365mesh, provides managed and professional services that deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. Outcomex and 365mesh teams have over 3 decades of networking and security experience and seamlessly install every component.

365mesh’s Australian team designs our own range of sensors, cameras and other devices. We also has extensive experience with off-the-shelf sensors that are currently on the market. We provide clients with a range of comprehensive support services for running, monitoring, and managing their IoT solution.

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Got an idea?

Do you have a vision for an IoT solution that revolutionises your business?

365mesh team members can help with the end to end process including from design inception to completion. Using our experts and experience, we can rapidly and cost effectively develop and deploy platforms, sensors and applications designed just for you and your business.

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